Christopher Ohslund

Chris Ohslund is a registered patent attorney and practices all aspects of patent prosecution and patent litigation, including post-grant proceedings at the USPTO, patent portfolio landscape analysis, management, and development, and opinion work. Chris has experience prosecuting patents in a variety of technological fields, including mechanical engineering, robotics and mechatronics, electrical and computer engineering, software, computer-implemented business methods, and medical device technologies.

Prior to becoming a patent attorney, Chris clerked for Maier and Maier as a technical advisor.

Timothy M. Harbeck

Tim Harbeck is a registered patent attorney and practices all aspects of patent prosecution and patent litigation, including inter partes review proceedings and ex parte reexamination at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), patent application drafting and prosecution, intellectual property transactions, portfolio management, and opinion work. Tim has experience working across a variety of technologies, including mechanical engineering, software, medical device, and automotive technologies.

Prior to becoming a patent attorney Tim worked at the USPTO as a patent examiner. Tim examined a variety of business method and software patents pertaining to finance, banking and investment, portfolio selection, electronic trading, and securities bid matching.

Yuko Yokoyama

Yuko Yokoyama is a Japanese Patent Engineer and technical specialist for Maier and Maier. Prior to joining the firm, Yuko was a key member of the patent prosecution and litigation groups for various technologies at Sony in Tokyo, Japan. She has high levels of experience working with video codec and security technologies, medical products, navigation products and location services, IC card and communication technology, network services, and financial services.

Additionally, Yuko is well-versed in international patent prosecution, and focused on U.S. patent prosecution and licensing while with Sony, helping to establish their patent prosecution and litigation strategies in the U.S.

Yuko assists the firm in the preparation and prosecution of U.S. patent applications covering a wide range of technical areas, including consumer electronics, network services, computer implemented business methods, communications protocols, video codecs, security, navigation, printing technology, IC-cards, and medical devices.

Yuko graduated from Sophia University in Japan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is a native Japanese speaker and is also fluent in English. Yuko was also very active as a member of the Japan Intellectual Property Association.