About Maier & Maier

Firm Overview

Maier & Maier PLLC is a law firm headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia next to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Maier & Maier PLLC is primarily focused on intellectual property law.

Maier and Maier PLLC was founded in 2006 by brothers Timothy and Christopher Maier. Timothy and Christopher each spent several years working in various areas of intellectual property law, including private practice and for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The brothers modeled the firm after the Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt firm, of which their father is a founding partner. The Maier name is an internationally known and trusted name in Intellectual Property Law.

Maier & Maier is dedicated to providing outstanding legal counsel and representation in matters pertaining to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and Intellectual Property Law. The firm’s professional staff holds degrees in diversified technological backgrounds and experience in both the private sector and at the USPTO. Over the years, the firm has made a name for itself by demonstrating high-quality and effective service with personal attention and communication.


Maier & Maier PLLC’s clients include large, multi-national Fortune 500 corporations, universities, middle-market and emerging market companies, and startups and spinouts. With professional staff fluent in a variety of languages, including Japanese, Mandarin, German, Korean, and English, Maier & Maier is poised to assist clients around the world.

Get to Know Our Patent Attorneys

Maier and Maier PLLC was founded to provide expert intellectual property analysis, advice and execution for leading middle market and emerging growth companies. We are primarily focused and take great pride in advising and obtaining patent protection for a wide scale of technologies.

Our attorneys and agents have garnered vast amounts of intellectual property expertise and experience while serving middle market companies from a variety of venues. The attorneys and agents at Maier & Maier PLLC have worked at such leading intellectual property law firms as Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier and Neustadt and have gained invaluable prosecution experience at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our distinctive approach to client service is rooted in a common guiding principal of exceeding client expectations by delivering the highest quality advice and excellence in execution, built upon a foundation of uncompromising integrity.

Our intellectual property expertise spans a wide variety of industries and technologies. Maier & Maier PLLC’s clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to middle market/emerging market companies to individual inventors.

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