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Maier & Maier was established with the goal of providing intellectual property analysis and advice for large, multi-national corporations, universities, middle-market and emerging market companies, and startups and spinouts. We are proud of our ability to advise our clients, and to obtain patent protection for a wide scale of technologies, and offer years of experience in litigation, licensing, and other intellectual property-related issues.

The History of Our Firm

Federal Circuit Makes En Banc Plea for Help on Subject Matter Eligibility In Athena Rehearing Rejection

On July 3, 2019 the Federal Circuit issued its en banc decision in Athena Diagnostics, Inc. et al. v. Mayo Collaborative Services, LLC. The decision came down 7-5 against rehearing on the patent’s eligibility, with a staggering eight separate written opinions (four concurring and four dissenting). The common refrain amongst the opinions, concurrences and dissenting […]

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Supreme Court Rules Government Not A ‘Person’ For PTAB Proceedings

Under the 2012 America Invents Act (“AIA”), Congress created three new post-issuances avenues for a “person” to challenge patents before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in IPR’s, PGR’s, and CBM’s. With this ruling, the Supreme Court has deemed that the Federal Government is not a “person” for these purposes and thus is ineligible […]

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Federal Circuit Rules No State Sovereign Immunity For PTAB Proceedings

Expanding on its precedential ruling against the use of tribal sovereign immunity at the Patent and Trial Appeal Board (“PTAB”) from last summer in Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe v. Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., the Federal Circuit ruled that there is no sovereign immunity for states in proceedings at the PTAB either. The decision was based on […]

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