Mechanical Innovations

Consumer Products Protection

The consumer products industry is ever expanding. However, without patent protection a consumer product may be replicated by a competitor – shrinking revenues, profit margins, market share, and even destroying a product’s success. While consumer loyalty plays a large role in consumer products, many consumer products are cost driven, especially considering the current economic climate. Thus, without patent protection for your consumer products innovations, it may be difficult to succeed in this industry. Maier & Maier understands the importance of thorough, forward-thinking patent protection for consumer products. We have extensive experience developing, procuring, and enforcing patent protection for consumer products innovations.

Notably, it is important to protect the innovation, not the invention when it comes to consumer product. If only the invention is protected, the patent owner may not be able to prevent others from introducing a slightly altered product that performs a substantially similar function, such that it is identical in the consumers’ minds. Maier & Maier understands the importance of patenting and protecting the innovation in order to ensure maximum protection for the concept of your consumer product innovation and will work with you to increase the challenge of designing around your innovations. Maier & Maier can assist you with protecting your consumer product innovations in a wide variety of fields, ranging from shoes and clothing, to automobiles and automotive accessories, to consumer electronics, home goods, and food and beverage innovations.

Industrial Manufacturing

The production of physical products, ranging from food supplies to children’s toys, relies on industrial manufacturing. Thus, there is a constant drive to improve the process by which these items are processed. In order to secure the advantage of a superior method of manufacturing, it is essential to acquire patent protection for this innovation. In an economy where pricing has become essential, securing these innovations, whether small or large, for your company may be the difference between gaining a large percentage of the market share for your product or none at all. It is critical to cut costs as much as possible, to streamline the production process, and increase efficiency to increase profit margins. Patent protection will ensure that these advantages remain yours and are not simply adopted by your competitors.

Whether you have developed an improvement for a machine which harvests crops, a new machine all together, or a new component for an assembly line, Maier & Maier can provide a full range of IP counseling for your manufacturing innovations.