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Maier & Maier PLLC is committed to assisting our clients obtain meaningful protection for their innovations. The evolving patent regime has led to the need for leaner, more effective portfolios that are built to withstand challenges and deliver results. We utilize our extensive legal knowledge, industry experience, and cutting edge software to meet these challenges. Our attorneys understand that to effectively navigate a changing patent landscape, it is crucial to anticipate changes and prepare all work product with an eye to the future. Moreover, we understand that each client and each matter is unique and individual business goals must be accounted for.

Our patent attorneys and agents have extensive backgrounds in, among other areas, patent prosecution, patent drafting, patent opinions and searching, post grant practice, and litigation. The attorneys and agents at Maier & Maier PLLC have experience prosecuting patents in all fields of technology and include former professional patent examiners. Our capabilities and expertise allow us to represent and procure patents for a wide variety leading multi-national corporations, universities, middle-market and emerging-growth companies. Additionally, our offices are fully compatible with the USPTO’s latest electronic filing regulations and can provide our clients with the electronic documents and conversions necessary to file and prosecute patents.

Maier & Maier’s offices are located in close proximity to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, allowing for greater efficiency, interaction and in-person contact with the Examiners and Attorneys at the USPTO. We pride ourselves on our thorough knowledge of the patent examination process and maintain a variety of active patent portfolios for clients desiring varying levels of service. Additionally, many of the professionals at Maier & Maier PLLC have previous work experience in and around the USPTO, as well as in the supervision of foreign counsel during the prosecution of patents outside the United States.

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