Litigation Services

Experienced IP Attorneys

Maier & Maier attorneys and professional staff have worked in both lead and support roles in a variety of intellectual property litigation and pre-litigation matters. We have provided litigation counsel to domestic and foreign corporations, universities and organizations, successfully resolving litigation conflicts. Additionally, with our far-reaching technical expertise and knowledge of intellectual property law, we are capable of formulating a variety of offensive and defensive tools that can be tailored to suit your business needs and those dictated by the litigation and business environment.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer advice that often allows for timely and efficient business solutions to all parties involved in intellectual property litigation matters.

In addition to serving as lead litigation counsel, our attorneys handle a variety of pre-litigation and litigation support matters.

These include:

  • Analyzing the patent(s) and prosecution history
  • Conducting infringement analysis (including taking additional measures to buttress infringement claims)
  • Conducting validity analysis (including taking measures to correct validity challenges)
  • Utilizing the infringement and validity analysis with our cutting edge business intelligence capabilities to provide client-specific strategies

Our experience in preparing infringement and non-infringement opinions and filing re-examinations, as well as our ability to assist in designing around a competitor’s intellectual property, makes Maier & Maier ideally suited to provide counsel with any litigation matter.

To complement our litigation practice, we have also counseled clients on strategic business objectives and alternatives, market positioning, and reviewed competitor’s intellectual property portfolios for strategic patent and business alternatives, along with design-around opportunities.