Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has redefined the modern way of life and how every day products can have enhanced functionality. Broad ranging areas from consumer products, to medical devices, to industrial manufacturing have experienced a surge in innovation due to IoT capabilities. The addition of sensors, data transmission capabilities, and other enhanced electronic functionality have caused a dramatic rise in innovation from the manufacture of products, how they are used, and how products can generate and utilize data.

Due to the diversity of products in IoT – as even previously stagnant products can now be significantly enhanced – there is a need for the patent attorneys working to protect this technology to also have diverse backgrounds. The attorneys at Maier & Maier enjoy varied and significant industry and legal experience, allowing us to understand the core products, the enhanced technology going into the products, and the data generation, transmission, and utilization of these products. Additionally, many of our attorneys enjoyed previous experience working at the USPTO, providing thorough experience and understanding when working with patent examiners on behalf of our clients.

Maier & Maier further offers our clients strategic counseling regarding enhancement of IP portfolios with IoT products and the utilization of IoT technologies to help evolve and further monetize patent portfolios.