Alternative Fee Arrangements for Litigation

In our ongoing commitment to client success, we offer a range of Alternative Fee Arrangements that can be tailored to best suit your exact situation. These AFA’s include the following, but can be combined and adjusted to help each client plan for litigation within specific budgetary needs.

Fixed Fees:        

A fixed monthly fee throughout the litigation regardless of the work done. This can be further adjusted based on both the complexity of the case and the phase of litigation.

Blended Billing Rate:

All attorneys working on the case would bill at a single, uniform rate to provide more cost certainty.


In conjunction with a fixed fee, a certain portion of the fee may be held back by the client until a successful resolution of the case. We would assume the risk of not earning the holdback for our services.

Collared Fees:

A set budget of fees for each month. If we complete the work under budget, we receive a portion of the unused budget as a bonus. All fees above budget would be charged at a discounted rate.

Contingency Fees:

Fees paid are based on the results of the case.

If you would like to hear more about any of the above arrangements or to discuss a potential matter with us, please call us at (703) 740-8322 or email us at