Kunin Thankful for Strong USPTO Leadership In 2020

This Thanksgiving, Maier & Maier’s Steve Kunin noted the strength of USPTO leadership as Director Iancu deftly handled the ongoing pandemic to keep the office productive and effective.

“We should continue to be grateful for Director Andrei Iancu’s leadership and stewardship of the USPTO during these trying times caused by the adverse impacts of COVID-19. With his strong leadership, the USPTO has continued to provide vital services to the patent and trademark user communities.”

Kunin specifically noted the Iancu’s adjustments at the USPTO and responses to pandemic challenges as covered here.

“His outreach efforts have been well received and the USPTO has been open-minded and responsive to public feedback on how it can make continuous quality improvements to its services and products.”

As Kunin notes, this leadership would have been lost if not for the dedication of the USPTO employees as a whole who were forced to adjust to extensive telework like many other industries.

“Kudos as well to all the USPTO employees who have had to adapt to more extensive telework while striving to maintain continuity of operations.”

For more thoughts on the year in IP and appreciation from other experts and practitioners, see the full piece here.

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