Maier & Maier Looks to Carry 2022 Momentum Forward in 2023

Maier & Maier continues to enjoy consistent and steady growth in both prosecution and litigation matters. In 2022, Maier & Maier issued over 800 total patents and maintained its positive growth trajectory, exceeding 25% year over year growth. The firm has proven its capacity for steady growth with an uncompromising commitment to delivering efficient and effective results.

Maier & Maier’s litigation team has also been hard at work delivering positive results for clients. The Maier & Maier Team continues to advocate on behalf of clients in federal courts, before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and the International Trade Commission.

In recent weeks, Maier & Maier has continued to resolve litigations on behalf of its clients, including negotiating settlements in Altus Partners, Inc. v. Altus Market Access, Inc. in the Eastern District of California and Wave Linx LLC v., Corp. in the District of Colorado.  Maier & Maier also successfully obtained a stay in E9 Treatments, Inc. v. Kopman LLC et al. in the Southern District of Texas.

Maier & Maier’s litigation team has extensive experience representing clients across all patent venues, before the top patent judges and against the top competitor firms.

Whether you require prosecution or litigation assistance, the Maier & Maier team remains ready to deliver for your business.


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