Patent Filings Hint At Major Role For Small Modular Reactors In The Future Of The Energy Sector

As part of Maier & Maier’s ongoing commitment towards serving all of our clients IP needs, we routinely provide research and analysis for Business Intelligence. A major component of these services is surveying the IP Landscape for clients to help clients make informed decisions and to develop a strategic IP Plan. Recently, the team analyzed the patent landscape of Small Modular Reactors (“SMR”). In this report, we provide an overview of the current SMR landscape, with an eye towards where it may be heading moving forward over the next two decades.

Maier & Maier PLLC_SMR Patent Landscape_Spring 2021

Generally, our analyses are wide ranging and can isolate a variety of trends and insight. Some examples might help identify adjacent industries operating similar technologies, and overlooked weaknesses, protections, and competitors which could stifle your IP goals. Our analytics capabilities can also identify key IP competitors and show “White Spaces” and “Black Spaces” in a technological field. White Spaces have low competition, meaning that a good IP Plan can include filing broad claims for maximum scope of coverage or multiple aggressive filings to fill and dominate the space. “Black Spaces” are congested and should be closely watched to avoid liabilities in planning and inefficient prosecution in light of the potential prior art. Depending on a client’s individual concerns or needs, we will tailor our focus towards addressing those with key takeaways to help them find the right path moving forward.

If this report or similar questions about another industry are of interest to you, please consult one of our attorneys to leverage our cutting edge data analysis for your business and to maximize your IP investments.



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