Scott Boalick Appointed as Chief Judge of PTAB

Scott Boalick has officially begun his permanent term as Chief Judge of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. After having served in an interim role since September, the USPTO made his appointment official last month.

Boalick started at the PTAB in 2007 and has since acted as an administrative patent judge, a vice chief judge, and as deputy chief judge. Prior to joining the PTAB, he was a patent attorney for the U.S. Navy after having worked in private practice and serving as a law clerk in the Federal Circuit.

In the press release, Director Iancu highlighted Boalick’s marching orders for PTAB improvement stating that “Chief Judge Boalick will continue leading PTAB’s efforts to ensure that its proceedings are balanced and transparent, while also working toward a one-year pendency for completion of ex parte appeals, and implementing the Office’s new § 101 Guidance.”

To help him achieve those goals, Boalick will continue to work with his now permanent Deputy Chief Judge Jacqueline Bonilla, who has also been in an interim role since September.

“I look forward to working with Chief Judge Boalick, Deputy Chief Judge Bonilla, as well as the rest of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board as we continue to strive for excellence and a well-balanced patent system,” said Iancu.

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