USPTO Well-Equipped For Surge Of Artificial Intelligence IP

As Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) continues to transform industries across both the U.S. and the globe, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been handling the issues at a much higher rate. In response to the developing field, the USPTO released a report on AI and the related Intellectual Property issues.

“The USPTO has long been committed to ensuring our nation maintains its leadership in all areas of innovation, especially in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence,” highlighted Andrei Iancu. Director of the USPTO. In preparing the report, the USPTO sought input from and received comments from over 200 comments from bar associations, trade associations, law firms, academic authorities, industry practitioners in electronics, software, automobiles, medical and pharmaceutical industries, and foreign patent offices.

Overall, the report indicates that there is a high degree of confidence in the USPTO to handle many of the issues relating to patent, trademark, and copyright issues relating to AI. The report also emphasized the importance of maintaining a close eye for the developments in this industry to ensure the U.S. maintains its status as a global leader in this critical technology.

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