Maier & Maier Drives Favorable Result at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB)

The Maier & Maier litigation team successfully defended its client’s right to pursue trademark registration for its prominent jewelry brand, SAUER.  In April 2021, Opposer Nextten Stauer filed an opposition proceeding challenging two of Amsterdam Sauer Joalheiros Ltda.’s (“Amsterdam Sauer”) trademark applications for the marks SAUER and SAUER ESTD 1941.

The opposition proceeding challenged the applications on the basis of priority and likelihood of confusion.  Representing Amsterdam Sauer, Maier & Maier denied these allegations and used a sound defensive strategy to drive an early and favorable result for Amsterdam Sauer.  As a result, the Board dismissed the opposition against each application with prejudice on September 10, 2021. With this win, the Maier & Maier litigation team adds to a series of successful outcomes for our clients, efficiently earning favorable outcomes at the TTAB as well as in district court, at the PTAB, and before the ITC.

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