Maier & Maier Earns Dismissal for iSonic, Inc.

Last month, the Maier & Maier litigation team earned the dismissal of Lander Enterprises, LLC’s allegations of patent infringement against client iSonic, Inc. iSonic runs different online stores selling various innovative oral hygiene tools across the country and was targeted by competitor Lander Enterprises, LLC over one of its product offerings.

In the November 2020 Complaint filed in the District of Connecticut, Lander Enterprises, LLC alleged that iSonic infringed their design patent and trade dress for a “child’s automatic toothbrush” (D887,146). The Plaintiff sought to recover punitive trebled damages and an injunction against iSonic.

Maier & Maier helped iSonic avoid the Plaintiff’s costly demands by resolving the matter quickly, only a few months after the original filing, without having to respond to the Complaint. By resolving the case, Maier & Maier’s patent litigation expertise helped iSonic prevent costly and lengthy litigation. iSonic joins Maier & Maier’s constantly growing list of happy clients who have obtained favorable rulings thanks to the firm’s team of expert patent litigators that litigate at cost effective and efficient rates.

With the resolution, Maier & Maier continues a strong run of success in contentious matters, earning favorable results for their clients in district court, at the PTAB, and before the ITC. If you or your company need similar assistance, please contact Maier & Maier’s litigation team here.

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