USPTO Hosts Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium

On March 31st, the conclusion of Women’s History Month, the USPTO concluded its annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Symposium. Each year since 2011, the USPTO has honored diverse panels of successful women innovators, notable inventors, and experts and welcomed them to share their stories of overcoming adversity on their way to success.

As part of the symposium, the USPTO highlights important subjects, issues, and solutions including the expansion of roles for women and other underrepresented groups in STEM, innovation, and economic growth

The final panel included Janeya Griffin, Founder and CEO, The Commercializer; Rea Huntley, Founder and CEO, Lavii INC; and Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder and CEO, Oliver and June. Together, they discussed the importance of protecting your IP assets, the ways they identify those assets and opportunities for growth, and other such strategies that have keyed their success in todays business climate.

Maier & Maier makes concerted and consistent efforts to promote the growing role of women and minorities, and assist those clients in overcoming the challenges they face in the world of IP. If you need such assistance, we urge you to reach out to us here,so we may continue to do our part as the USPTO continues to strive towards equality and an equitable future for innovation.

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