Nasir Ahmed

Nasir Ahmed is a registered patent agent and practices patent prosecution in the areas of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and biotechnology areas.

Prior to joining Maier & Maier, Nasir was a patent examiner for over 11 years at the United States Patent and Trademark Office where he examined patent applications in Electrical arts. At USPTO, apart from his patent examination, he was a Quality Nominee and search assistant.  As a quality nominee, he helped in classification related issues at USPTO.  He also mentored junior examiners by providing search strategies, and prior art analysis. Before entering Federal Government, Nasir worked for over 15 years as an Automation Engineer in various sectors, including biotechnology, telecom, and defense industries.

Nasir Ahmed led large system integration and maximum ROI for both employer and stakeholders.  He helped to develop various system designs, robotic systems, Satellite Testing platform, Multi-Band Satellite Radios testing, developing machine language to automate image analysis, confocal microscopy, and large robotic handling of biological process.   Also, Nasir worked on developing voice recognition software using Neural Networks.  As a Certified Instructor, Nasir taught Automation Software for using PC based or Embedded computers integrating diverse Inputs-Outputs (sensors).

Nasir has worked in numerous Non-profits to promote awareness of Neurotypical People from different cultures, Special Need Children, and people with PTSD.  He served as an executive board member of the UPSTO Military Association (UMA), USPTO Asian Pacific America Professional Network (APANET), and USPTO Toast Masters.  Furthermore, he is a certified Special Olympics Coach in his community and serves on their board.

Nasir received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with focus in Biomedical Engineering from The George Washington University at Washington DC. He also holds another Masters of Science in Applied Physics and Electronics from Dhaka University, Bangladesh.


  • OPENFES: Development of an Open-Source EMG-Triggered Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) Controller for Physical Therapy,” Proceedings of the 2010 Design of Medical Devices Conference, April 13-15, 2010, Minneapolis, MN (with A. Dutta)
  • “LXI, PXI, VXI, VME, cPCI -.What Does it all Mean?” A White Paper for NAVY TMDE Group
  • “Functional Imaging of Cardiac Electric Activity Using Laser Endoscopy.”  Thesis Paper Submitted to Department of Electrical Engineering at The George Washington University, Washington, DC.
  • Voice Recognition Software: Have implemented software for voice recognition using Linear Vector Quantization Technique (LVQ) technique.
  • Education
    • S.E.E. (Bio-Medical), The George Washington University
    • Sc. 1st Class 2nd (Applied Physics & Electronics), Dhaka University
    • Sc. 1st Class 8th (Applied Physics & Electronics), Dhaka University
  • Admission
    • United States Patent & Trademark Office